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Abid Nizami Law Associates is an Internationally recognized Corporate Law firm based in Lahore – Pakistan having a team of corporate Attorneys and Consultants based in UK, UAE and in Pakistan with years of expertise in their relevant sector for their reliable advisory.

Specialized in matters related to Tax, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Visa Applications, Overseas Employment Consultancy and Business Formations. The firm is also highly regarded for its Litigation practice and has represented a large number of clients, including some of the Multinational Corporations.

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Loyalty is strengthened when individuals are respected, trusted and involved in the process of making decisions that impact them.


If you maintain a positive attitude, this will be infectious and those around you will pick up on your positive energy. Everyone in our company feel positive and customers want to do business with us.


Accountability is illusory until firm standards have been defined and each partner is willing to voluntary abide by them.


In a competitive marketplace, firms with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take reasonable risks will thrive and prosper.

Practice Areas

Trademark | Copy Rights | Patents | Industrial Designs

Registration and Protection from Infringement

Non-Disclosure Agreement | Material Transfer Agreement | Sponsored Research Agreement | Memorandum of Understanding | Inter-agency Cooperation Contract | Subaward Agreement | Collaborative Research Agreement | Consortium Agreement | Teaming Agreement

Sole Proprietorship | Partnership | Limited Liability Company | Corporation

Income Tax and Sales Tax Registration and Filing | Withholding Tax Return | Book Keeping | Financial Statements Preparation | Internal Audit | External Audit | Cost Audit | System Design | Review Reports | Management Consulting

Canada | Australia | New Zealand

United Kingdom (UK) | United States of America(USA) | Canada | Australia | European States and Middle East

Visa Applications assistance

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